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work as nurse in Germany at outpatient intensive care
Intensive care provider
Nurses who are working with an intensive care provider are responsible to care for people in need of intensive nursing due to a life-threatening condition. This type of care takes place outside of a hospital, usually in the patient’s own home or a care facility. The nurses follow the objective to integrate the patient to… Read More
Work at ambulant care provider in Germany
Outpatient care
For those people who need medical support but still prefer to live in their own place, support by outpatient care nurses can be a solution. Nurses working in this field usually go to the patient’s own home and provide medical service according to their needs. It’s the nurses’ objective to enable the patients to continue… Read More
work at rehabilitation clinic in Germany
Rehabilitation clinic
Supporting the recovery process of patients is the main responsibility of nurses in a rehabilitation clinic. The exact scope of activity varies according to the treatment focus of the clinic. Patients usually spend a previously defined period of time in a rehabilitation center after leaving the hospital or after medical referral from a doctor. Nurses… Read More
Work as nurse at elderly care for older people in Germany
Elderly care
Many nurses work in elderly care institutions. They care for old people in need of long-term care and who permanently live in a care home. With a team of nursing professionals and other medical staff you support and care for the patients. It is the objective to preserve a stable quality of life for the… Read More
Work in a German hospital as nurse
Working as a nurse in a hospital has a strong medical focus. The efficient treatment and fast recovery of patients is the main objective. Nurses can be placed in various departments and are working together with a team of doctors and other medical staff. Read More