Questions & Answers

Get a first impression of Signite’s matching by filling out the matching questionnaire. Give us some information about your professional background and expectations. We will then transfer those details to our matching app where you can log in and complete your profile. You can join Signite if you have a diploma as a doctor and (if applicable) the required professional license.

Our approach is very flexible. You don’t need to have any German language skills to join Signite. However, we are also happy if you join with existing knowledge of German language as this speeds up your process. The interview with your employer can take place at B2-level, for visa you will also need at least B2. You must continue to C1-level, either in your home country or in Germany. Signite can support you with finding suitable German language courses. Just get in touch with us!

With our matching app we provide you with the digital framework to find the right employer. You can choose your employer according to your preferences. You decide about the location in Germany where you would like to work. Or maybe you are completely flexible? All this affects your matches and therefore the selection of suitable employers. It’s up to you!

Signite provides continuous support from your registration until your transfer to Germany. We support you with starting the application for the professional recognition, following along the language training and helping you in interviews with your future employer. We’re assisting you with your visa application and give recommendations about finishing the recognition process. We manage that via our online matching app or if needed in personal contact with our Signite staff.

Using the Signite matching app is free of charge for all users with no hidden costs. We believe that experts should follow their objective to migrate to Germany with maximum flexibility and without being bound by contracts. However, we expect you to follow our approach with commitment, sincerity and personal effort to fulfill all process steps in time.


The process of professional recognition in Germany can be quite confusing and demanding. But Signite will support you, step by step. First, we will identify the most suitable solution for you. Then we will help you to organize the correct application documents. And once you are ready to move to Germany, we will get you in touch with the right education provider to finish the professional recognition.

No, I don’t need professional experience. You need a diploma as a doctor and professional license (if applicable).

You can start working as an assistant doctor after approbation (condition for approbation is passed professional language exam C1-level and professional knowledge test).