Employees at public institutions: Salary increases for nurses

Carers employed in public institutions, i.e. those belonging to the state, will receive more money in the first half of 2024. From 1 March, nursing staff employed in public institutions will receive more money. This is the result of the agreement reached in collective bargaining for the public sector at federal and municipal level. Their […]

Skilled labour report: persistent labour shortage threatens the German economy

According to the latest Skilled Labour Report from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), more than 80 percent of German companies fear negative consequences for their economic development due to labour shortages. The labour shortage is already forcing 40% of companies to reduce their own range of services, while others are losing orders, […]

DBfK on the shortage of nursing staff: employers must take action

The German Professional Association for Nursing Professions (DBfK) has accused hospital employers of not taking enough action against the shortage of nursing staff. There is too often a lack of introduction of more attractive roles for nursing staff and modern, i.e. more flexible working time models. The reform of hospital structures currently being discussed by […]

Study: Worrying staff shortage in nursing care in Germany

German hospitals have a massive staffing problem in nursing. Almost every hospital (94%) has vacant nursing positions on general wards that are not filled. Three quarters of intensive care units have vacancies in intensive care. And in two thirds of hospitals with paediatric wards, positions remain unfilled. The figures are the result of a representative […]

Study: Germany needs up to 210,000 additional nursing staff by 2040

Staff shortages continue to be one of the biggest problems in Germany. And it will become even more acute in the future. This has a lot to do with the ageing German society. According to a study by the RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, 5.7 million people in need of care can be […]

Signite launches in Georgia

With the language courses for nurses starting today, Signite is now also offering fair and safe labour migration to Germany in Georgia. In addition to its geographical and cultural proximity to Germany, it is above all the qualified medical specialists that make Georgia an attractive country of origin for the recruitment of skilled workers. With […]

The Immigration Act for Germany: First changes in force

The new Immigration Act makes it easier for skilled workers with vocational training and people with practical knowledge of their profession to immigrate to Germany. The new law consists of several parts for different target groups, which will be introduced gradually. The first regulations came into force in November 2023. Further regulations and innovations will […]