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Countries of origin

In principle, Signite’s approach is open and flexible for specialists from all countries of origin. Restrictions arise from local legal requirements or from non-recruitment requirements from the German government, which affect various developing countries.

Some countries are particularly suitable for recruiting skilled workers for various reasons. Signite is present there personally or with trusted local partners in order to maintain direct contact with specialists and authorities. Signite is currently active in the Western Balkans, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey and India and is looking forward to gradually expanding the list of countries of origin to include more exciting nations.

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    Bosnia & Herzegovina

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    North Macedonia

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Strong together

It sounds trite, but it’s true: you’re only strong together. Nobody can do everything alone. Everyone has different strengths. The long, complex journey from the initial recruitment of skilled workers to the final receipt of the professional certificate requires many, sometimes very individual, skills.

It is all the more important to have partners in Germany who will pick up the ball after the transfer and continue the processes safely and reliably. This requires close agreements and, ideally, a seamless integration of work steps in order to bring the “foreign specialist” project to a successful conclusion.

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