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How to become an apprentice in Germany

The basic legal requirement for starting an apprenticeship in Germany is a vocational qualification of at least ten years. This applies regardless of the future occupation you want to learn. The school education from your home country has to be recognised by a German authority. In addition, you need an employer who, as a training company, will teach you the practical parts of your profession.

In the end, after three years of dual training, you will officially be a skilled worker in your profession.

Checklist: what do you need?


Recognition of your school education (or any additional vocational qualification you may already have)

German language exam B2 in your home country

So there is a lot to organize. But that’s what we’re here for. We support you with these steps as well as with applying for a visa!

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Signing up to Signite is quick and free of charge via our website. Get a first impression of Signite’s matching by filling out the matching questionnaire. Tell us some information about your personal background and expectations. We will then transfer this information to our matching app, where you can sign up and create your professional profile. There is also a way for direct registration.

Our approach is very flexible. You don’t need to have German language skills to join Signite. However, we are happy for you to join with existing German skills as this will speed up your process. The interview with your employer can take place at A2 level. For the visa you need at least B1. Signite can help you find suitable German courses. Just get in touch with us!

With our matching app, we offer you the digital framework to find the right employer. You can choose your employer according to your preferences. Or maybe you are completely flexible? All this affects your matches and therefore the selection of suitable employers. It’s up to you!

Signite offers you continuous support from your registration to your transfer to Germany. We support you in applying for recognition of your school education, accompany you during language training and help you with interviews with your future employer. We advise you on applying for your visa and give you recommendations on how to successfully complete all processes. We do all this online via our matching app or, if necessary, in personal contact with our Signite team.

The use of the Signite Matching app is free for all users, there are no hidden costs. We believe that professionals should pursue their goal of migrating to Germany with maximum flexibility and no contractual commitment. However, we expect you to follow our approach with commitment, sincerity and personal dedication to complete all process steps on time.


The first thing you should do is learn German – up to language level B2. You also need an employer (we will help you with that) and you have to have your school-leaving certificate recognized by a German authority.

Training in Germany usually takes years. During this time you will attend a vocational school and learn practical skills in your training company. After that you are a full professional.

In order to receive a visa to start your training, you must not have reached the age of 25.