Questions & Answers

Signite is flexible, transparent and digital. Our goal is to match employers with the right experts. If the preferences of the professionals match the requirements of the employers, there is a match. We don't promise any contingents, but we do promise a precisely fitting personnel selection. And all of this is software-supported and compliant with data protection regulations.

In principle, professionals from all countries of origin can register with Signite and apply to work for you. We are currently represented by our local team in various countries in the Western Balkans, Tunisia and India.

Signite aims to empower employers and professionals alike to migrate to Germany in the best possible way. This includes assistance with interviews, advice on choosing the appropriate recognition path, applying for professional recognition, and support in obtaining a visa. For the language acquisition as well as the implementation of the necessary adaptation measures, we have a network of partners that we are happy to draw on.

Whether at the B1 level or only after obtaining the B2 certificate - you make this decision in agreement with the expert. One thing is certain: The B1 certificate must usually be presented at the visa appointment and the B2 certificate is a prerequisite for obtaining professional recognition. So, whether already in your home country or then in Germany - there is no way around learning solid language skills.

We often hear this question, but unfortunately there is no clear answer here. The process duration depends on the timing of the interview (the earlier the interview takes place, the earlier the application for recognition can be submitted), the personal learning progress of the expert (language talent or do exams have to be repeated?) and, to a considerable extent, the processing time of the German authorities (waiting time for recognition notice and visa). But our matching app always provides you as an employer with a daily updated overview of where your expert is in the process.

Of course, we inform our experts about the necessary commitment that participation in Signite requires from them. Nevertheless, it cannot be prevented that an expert selected by you changes her/his mind during the process. Unfortunately, this can always happen in a free labor market. In this case, the employer will be reimbursed. However, we cannot promise a replacement, as it is up to the professionals to apply to you.

The organization is up to Signite. We manage the process, collect all documents and take care of the communication with the authorities. You will receive notifications via our matching app on which documents need to be provided by you as the employer. As an employer, you organize the transfer itself directly with your expert and also cover the cost of the tickets.

Signite advises professionals in choosing the most suitable recognition path for them as well as in gathering the relevant documents. Signite also handles the application and communication with the recognition authority. Upon receipt of the recognition notice, we establish contact with one of our partners, where the adaptation measure can be carried out and the professional recognition will be completed.