Minim salary of nurses in Germany

Minimum wage for care: More money for care workers from 1 April

As of 1 April, the minimum nursing wages have risen slightly. Unskilled nursing assistants now receive a minimum wage of 12.55 euros instead of 12.00 euros per hour. Qualified assistants are now paid a minimum wage of 13.20 euros (previously 12.50 euros). Skilled nursing staff now receive a minimum of 15.40 euros instead of 15.00 euros as before.

The minimum nursing wages provide planning security and reliability for all parties involved.

Deleted: The increase in the minimum nursing wage is based on the decisions of the Nursing Commission. This commission has only existed in Germany since November 2019 and consists of eight people, representatives of employers and employees in the care sector.

Deleted: By the end of 2023, the minimum wages for care workers in the elderly care sector are to increase in three stages to 14.15, 15.25 and 18.25 euros. The next increase will take place on 1 September this year.