Arriving in Germany without a recognition notice: how the “recognition partnership” works

Arriving in Germany without a recognition notice: how the “recognition partnership” works

Since 1 March, the new Immigration Act for Germany has made it possible for future skilled workers to obtain a visa without a notice of deficiency. We explain exactly how this works here.

Since the beginning of this month, applications for a work visa can also be submitted without a decision on deficits. Even with this visa route, you still need to have your foreign professional qualification recognised. But you can travel to Germany earlier and start work, precisely because you no longer have to wait for the decision. The German legislator has deliberately made this alternative possible because in too many cases, waiting for the notification of deficiency has slowed everything down.

What do you need in addition to the usual documents for such a visa application?

  • A vocational qualification recognised by the state in your home country, lasting at least two years (full-time)
  • Proof from the ZAB (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen) of a positive assessment of your final certificate for this professional qualification.
  • A concrete job offer (employment contract) from a suitable employer (it will be checked whether the employer has already gained experience with vocational training or post-qualification)
  • Proof of language skills (recognised certificate): at least A2, B1 for nursing staff.
  • No notice of deficit! However, your employer must conclude a written agreement with you on the so-called recognition partnership. This can also be recorded in the employment contract or in a separate document. In terms of content, this means that the recognition procedure can be carried out parallel to your employment (your employment relationship).

Anyone who knows a little about this will realise that the difference to the usual application with a notice of deficit really only lies, but this can be decisive, in the agreement on the recognition partnership. If you have an employer and a valid language certificate, this can really help to speed up your departure to Germany.

Important addendum: You can still submit an application with a notice of deficit, this option remains available and will probably continue to be used in almost all cases, at least for regulated professions (nurses, physiotherapists). In the end, it is the employer who decides which route to take.