Corona vaccination obligation to be phased out

Corona vaccination obligation to be phased out

Since mid-March 2022, staff in care facilities and hospitals in Germany have had to prove that they have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from the Corona virus. This regulation also applied to staff in facilities for disabled people, doctors’ surgeries, emergency services or maternity facilities. Otherwise, there is the threat of a ban on activities or fines.

Now, the institution-related vaccination obligation against the coronavirus expires at the end of the year. The Federal Ministry of Health explains this decision with the low and steadily decreasing number of covid cases in recent weeks. The vaccination obligation was intended to better protect vulnerable groups from infection by staff; however, this effect can no longer be assumed with the increase of the Corona variant BQ.1.1.

This also means that all those coming from abroad who will start working in Germany as nurses next year will no longer legally need the sometimes time-consuming proof of vaccination protection against Corona. However, some employers may still insist on it for a certain period of time.