Your chance: Great demand for physiotherapists in Germany

Your chance: Great demand for physiotherapists in Germany

If you have decided to work as a physiotherapist, you want to actively help people so that they can live their lives without pain and discomfort. This brings satisfaction and is one of the main reasons for choosing this profession.

There is currently a great need for physiotherapists throughout Germany, and there will be an increasing need for them in the future. This gives physiotherapists living and working abroad a great opportunity to pursue a career in a completely new environment. The working conditions are good. There is a wide range of courses to develop yourself. In addition, even if you come from abroad, you can start your own practice after some time.

You can become a physiotherapist in Germany by completing a three-year, so-called dual training programme. Dual means that the practical part of the training takes place in a company, such as a practice, a hospital or a rehabilitation clinic. This means that you learn what is important in real working life right from the start. You learn the theory, i.e. all the background knowledge, embedded in the practical parts at a special school.

If you are already working as a physiotherapist abroad, your vocational qualification must be recognised in Germany. This is compared to the requirements that are placed on German physiotherapy trainees. In other words: what you prove in the final examination in Germany in theory and practice, you must also be able to do as a foreigner. In addition, proof of German at the B2 language level is required.

After passing the so-called specialist knowledge examination or completing an adaptation course, you will then work in outpatient centres with small teams, in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes or other facilities.

At Signite, we help you to follow this path and successfully continue your professional career as a physiotherapist in Germany.

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