Employees at public institutions: Salary increases for nurses

Employees at public institutions: Salary increases for nurses

Carers employed in public institutions, i.e. those belonging to the state, will receive more money in the first half of 2024.

From 1 March, nursing staff employed in public institutions will receive more money. This is the result of the agreement reached in collective bargaining for the public sector at federal and municipal level.

Their salaries are set out in the collective agreement for carers (TVöD-P), which applies to both federal and local authorities. This affects carers who work in hospitals, psychiatric wards or geriatric care, for example, as well as surgical assistants.

The salary increase is to be implemented in two stages: Firstly, the salary will be increased by a (basic) amount of 200 euros. This will be followed by a further increase of 5.5 per cent. In any case, the increase should amount to 340 euros. It is valid from 1 March 2024 to 31 December 2024.

Example: if someone works in pay group 5, level 3, they previously earned a gross monthly salary of 2916 euros per month. The base will add another 200 euros, making 3116 euros. The 5.5 per cent is deducted from this, a further 171 euros. A total of 371 euros will therefore be added on top, resulting in a monthly gross of 3288 euros from March 2024.