Nursing professionals take over medical activities

Nursing professionals take over medical activities

In future, nursing professionals will be given more competences in the care of patients.

What is already part of everyday life in other countries is now also becoming more common in Germany. In future, qualified nurses will be able to care for people more independently and on their own responsibility if they have diabetes or dementia, for example. This is intended to strengthen nursing care and represents a break with the traditional division of labour between doctors and nurses.

From the beginning of next year, therefore, at least one trial is to be carried out in each federal state for a maximum of four years, in which nursing professionals will carry out activities in the field of medicine that were previously reserved for doctors. In the area of diabetes mellitus and chronic wounds, for example, this will make it possible to take blood samples, swab wounds, assess laboratory values and derive, initiate and recommend appropriate measures without first consulting a doctor. In the area of dementia, for example, a follow-up prescription for occupational therapy for psycho-functional treatment for further stabilisation and improvement in the area of orientation, daily structuring and implementation of daily routines can be initiated independently within the framework of the model projects.

The aim of all this is to strengthen the care competence of nursing staff and thus to relieve doctors, for the benefit of chronically ill patients in particular, who experience more continuity in and thus an improvement in treatment.